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virtualpc network on a server

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    i have a networking problem with virtualpc 2004 sp1 (i have to use the old version, since vpc2007 doesnt support win2000 as host os anymore).
    i tryed to fix this problem by browsing google and other forums/sites for very long, but no luck.

    i simply want to get the winxp-guest in virtualpc to be able to get accessed from the net, in other words: i want to run a server on it.
    with “nat”-mode, i can access the internet (though upload-speed is at about 20% from the host), but not all ports i believe. the application i want to use on the guest uses ports 12975 and 32976. if i start it on the guest and make a “netstat -an” i can see the app running on the forementioned port. but if i check the hosts netstat, i can see nothing on those ports.
    the app i use is called hamachi and is a zero-configuration vpn-client. it is connected while opened, but only in a non-direct mode (relayed) – can be compared to skypes “relayed connection” or edonkey/emules “low-ip”-mode.

    before using virtual pc, i used another great virtualization freeware called “virtual box” – in this, the user had the possibility to forward the ports you need to the virtual machine – is there any such option in virtual pc? i think not….but how can i forward ports in nat-mode then?

    the host is connected to internet via lan (default gateway). all howto’s and manuals always talk about, how to connect your virtual machine with “internet connection sharing”, but since my server doesnt access the net in that way, this is not an option.
    on another place, after much searching, i found another “solution” by using a port-redirector app called “FPipe”, which should be used to forward the desired ports to the virtual machine. did not work either.
    i also played around with the “loopback-adapter” but this only enabled me to access the host itself – not the net.
    i am also aware of the fact that one could use multiple NICs in a virtual machine, but currently this would enable me “only” to connect to the host itself, and use the net via NAT, which leads to the “relayed”-connection problem.

    so my real question is: how can i access the “server-app” running on virtual-pc, which itself sits on a server who connects to the net via gateway, in direct, non-relayed mode? i have no idea!
    i dont believe i am the only one who trys to run a server on virtual pc which should be accessible from outside. how do datacenters solve this problem, who rent thousends vserver-accounts each month – some of their customers will probably want to run a server-application on them…

    im glad about any help!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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