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    I don’t think this is an ESXI problem specifically (I don’t see how) but I’m posting it here because I know many of you guys are good at many other things besides ESX (flattery gets you everywhere) :) :) :)

    So I’m building a virtual network on ESXi, so far I’ve built the following VM’s:
    * A Windows 2008 (standard) domain controller (static IP, DNS, DHCP etc.)
    * A Windows 2003 file and print server (static IP, member server)
    * A Windows XP Pro client (DHCP client)

    The IP’s are in the same range as my physical network (given that my router is the only point of access to the internet and can only have one IP address I assume I have to do that unless I use the DC as some kind of IP bridge as well).

    Both servers can “see” each other and, as I recall, I had no issues making the first a DC or the second a member of the new domain and both have excellent access to the internet. Both servers can also “see” my physical 2003 server.

    The Windows XP Pro VM is a different matter though. It can also access the internet … by default it was picking up an address from my physical server (DHCP) but I temporarily turned that off, reacquired an address from the virtual DC and now (even with both DC’s providing DHCP) it continues to use the virtual DC supplied addresses and DNS.

    That’s good but I don’t get why it can’t “see” any of the virtual servers (can’t map drives, can’t be joined to the new domain). Do I need to set up some kind of static routing, edit hosts or add some kind of DNS record?

    Any help appreciated :)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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