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    On XP SP2 host machine, i’m running a software (PL7 pro).
    This software communicate with a PLC throught the serial com.
    On Host machine, no problem at all.

    If i’m running on the same machine a virtual PC with same parameter, same level of service pack, no way to establish the communication.
    (of course the program is not running on the host machine at the same time !).

    Excepted selected the com port in the Virtual PC option , is there any parameter to set ?

    I read several things thanks to google, like adding parameter in the XML global option to improve serial port performance, but without result.

    I read also that 2007 could have a bug on the serial com driver or event trigger.

    Any idea to fix this or a work around??

    Thanks for your help and suggestion.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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