Virtual Disk Service errors – serious or not?

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    I’ve just noticed that a few errors popped up on one of our SBS 2003 machines that I haven’t seen before. They appeared in the system log in this order:

    Event ID 2
    Failed to register for PnP device notification. Error Code: [email protected]

    Event ID 17
    VDS fails to launch provider {CA7DE14F-5BC8-48FD-93DE-A19527B0459E}. Error code: [email protected]

    1 minute and 3 seconds later, the same two messages get logged again.

    The sequence of events is essentially this:

    21:00 – Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Image starts to external USB hard drive
    21:00:21 – two errors logged in event viewer
    21:01:24 – same two errors logged again.

    The USB drive appears to be running fine and BESR has run many times before and once since without these errors.
    chkdsk doesn’t flag any problems.

    I’m inclined to write it off as a one off, but they’re not errors I am familiar with so thought it best to ask the good people here if they’d seen it :)

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