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    Starting this week. All 3 desktops in my office that are still running Outlook 2007 and connecting to the email server via POP3 began experiencing a very strange issue.

    Most email come in normally but some will show up as a 3 MB message. When the user clicks on the message (which has no attachment), Outlook freezes and has to be killed through task manager. Booting Outlook in safe mode produces the same result.

    One of the messages that showed up like this was my invoice notice which is just an email from my fresh books account which tells them their invoice is ready and contains a hyperlink. No attachments of any kind. I resent the message to the same address and it came through just fine.

    One message was a simple “How ya doing?” from a friend’s iPhone yet it came in as 3 MB and locked up Outlook.

    One was from a vendor. The user called and asked them to resend it because she couldn’t open it. The vendor forwarded the same message out of their sent folder and the message was fine.

    All computers have ESET Endpoint Security and I’ve run Malwarebytes, JRT, ADWCleaner and HerdProtect on them all. They are all as clean as can be.

    Has anyone seen this? Thanks for any insight.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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