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    Hi ,

    We are using Windows Server 2012 , Hyper -V is already installed and about 10 VM Virtual Servers are there inside it. Now I want to create VDI Infrastructure , using a RDS Services..

    I am going to create a new VM inside Hyper – V and install RDS Role on it , after that I am going to follow the Virtual Machine Based Desktop Deployment wizard..and want to create 10 Windows 8 vm …

    Will this be possible…as I am creating a RDS Server itself inside the Hyper-V and while creating a VDI’s using a wizard I need to specify the Hyper-V Server…and Even if I am providing a Hyper-V Server to assign it as creating VDI Inside it , will it make any damage to my existing Virtual Server which are there inside Hyper-V..

    please help…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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