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  • Hobie

    We purchased Vsphere (ESX 4.0) a year ago and it is working great.
    License is Essentials Plus

    My Setup:
    2x HP DL360 Servers
    Plenty of RAM / SAS Drives
    IOMega IX4-200d NAS device (in NFS mode right now)

    I currently “Clone” the machines to the IOMega as a backup option (which will still show it on Host #1 but not on #2). How can I import (link) the image into the 2nd box (I know I can offline Migrate or clone, but what if Host #1 fails)

    Lastly – Is anyone running their machines off a cheap ISCSI ($2k or less)? I know I could make my own (ubuntu, FreeNas, OpenFiler) but I fear the production value in these and I also worry about how much you have to learn to support it on a possible OS failure.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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