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    Could you please develop an automated script for changing passwords for local user accounts on servers. The script should read in a list of servers from a text file, loop through each server, determine and loop through each local account on the server, and change the password for the account — UNLESS the account is ASPNET or starts with IUSR or IWAM. The script should also create a comma-separated output file with the server name, account name, and new password. The new password can by dynamically generated by adding the server name to the end of a preset character string.

    It would be helpful to write two versions of this script — one that simply queries the servers and reports the local accounts found on each and one that actually resets the password for the accounts found. Better still, you could have a line at the beginning that asks the user if they want to QUERY or RESET PASSWORDS and use an if/then block to control what action the script performs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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