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    I recently found that the eventquery.vbs script which comes with XP and
    win2003 server could save me a ton of time sifting through logs.. I
    figured out how to get it to work (mostly) on win2k by doing the

    This script does not exist in windows2000 (server) but can be made to
    work by doing the following:

    1. Copy eventquery.vbs from XP or win2003server to c:winntsystem32
    2. Copy CMDLIB.wsc from xp or win2003server to c:winntsystem32
    3. Register CMDLIB.wsc with the windows 2000 machine by doing the
    following at a command prompt:
    regsvr32 c:winntsystem32CMDLIB.wsc /s

    On my test instance (win2k server), I was able to query the security
    event log with no troubles. I then did the above procedure on my win2k
    domain controller. I can query all logs accept the security log (which
    is the one I most want to query). Here is the error I get when running
    cscript c:winntsystem32eventquery.vbs /l security /v on my win2k
    domain controller:

    ERROR: Unable to execute the query for the ‘security’ log

    I can use the /s computername switch to query the security log on a
    domain client (xp or win2ksp4) from the domain controller with no
    problem. I also attempted to run the eventquery.vbs script from one of
    my XP domain clients with the /s domaincontroller and it to failed with
    the same error message.

    I CAN see the security log using the event viewer on the domain

    Can anyone shed light on this?


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