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    Hi all,

    Here is my quick question….Is there a way to be able to connect to the Exchange Server, without being in the same building (Not Using Webmail). What do most of you do to accomplish this? VPN? We have a SonicWall device that would allow VPN, but I havent used that feature yet. Is there something built into Windows Server 2003, or Exchange Server 2003 to accomplish this easily/cheaply? Below is the scenario I am working with.

    Heres my dilemma…….We recently setup an Exchange2003 Server. Its our first Exchange server. Now, I have a few users who are constantly travelling between the office our server is located in, and everywhere else. Now, when these guys are on planes, they like to open their outlook accounts, and compose e-mails (the mails just sit in the Outbox). Then, when they get back to a spot where they can get a connection, those e-mails send out from their Outboxes.

    Now, since the switchover to Exchange (They were just popping before), they can’t bring up their Outlook accounts to compose while away from the office. I am playing around with Cached Mail Mode. Its nice, and at least allows me to access my Outlook Account when not connected in the office. But, those messages I compose while away, will only send when I am back in the office. I’d like to be able to send them as soon as I get to the nearest Internet connection.

    Any Suggestions?!?!?!?!

    Thanks, hope the above isn’t to confusing.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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