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    explains how to replace the admin pw using another OS in another partition
    on the same computer.

    If I got it correctly, the idea is based on an assumption, that LOGON.SCR
    is executed before w2k asks for a pw.
    If so, renaming a copy of cmd.exe to LOGON.SCR from another OS and
    re-booting into the original OS, will provide access to cmd.exe before
    logging in and allow to change the admin pw using
    net user administrator new_pw

    I followed the instruction and yet, as before, I am asked for pw before I
    can do anything else.
    I checked – the new LOGON.SCR now has the same size as cmd.exe and is sitting in WINNTSystem32 in the partition in question

    Could someone comment on that please?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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