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using in-place archive for 365 via retention policy and tagging…

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  • James Haynes

    i have a tendancy to make things longer than they have to be, so i apologize in advance for the long read.. i guess i just like typing.

    so i have a massive tenant with about 2600 users in it. for the most part, things are easy to manage, but i have a couple ballers and shot callers that pay the bills and their inboxes have gotten to be unmanageable and slow for them… i take a look and i see that head honcho numero uno has a mailbox that has grown to 49.15 gigs. other homeslice is right behind him with 47 gigs and change…

    so i figure, let’s set the retention policy and tags and enable the in-place archive and let MRM do its thing. i get them to agree on the folders i can mess with and the time frame… we agree that sent & deleted item folders can be set to archive everything older than 1 year, the inbox is now limited to 2 years. all other messages in said folders will be moved to the in-place archive.

    i create the retention tags, sent items moved to archive after 366 days, deleted items to archive after 366 days, inbox items moved to archive after 730. i modify the policy to reflect these tags. it was in a hybrid enviro, so i had some issues enabling the cloud archive, 365 wanted me to use a local mailstore for the archive, used enable-remotearchive.ps1 (link to m$ topic below) to correct the attributes to enable the archive…


    after running the script, i was able to turn on the in-place archive. powershell reports that the archive is enabled for the account, value is $true…

    so long story longer, i let it run that first day and see absolutely nothing in the archive details. i figure maybe i have to run the agent or something, idk, so i try to run the managed folder assistant like:
    Start-ManagedFolderAssistant -identity JoeBlow

    and it didnt do anything. buncha red gobbledeygook returned in the shell. i gather that the agent is always running and cant be coaxed to run at will like that, so i quit poking at it and leave it alone. i do an onsite yesterday (in the middle of hurricane michael no less. car salesmen are such premadonnas. pffft.) and go home, then back to the desk this AM. i open the portal and go to the mailboxes, go to the archive and open the details of it… so after 2 days of just letting it do its thing, the archive now holds a whopping total of 9 megs.

    wtaf is going on and how can i get the assistant to move that stuff to the archive. i calculated that it should have moved at least 15-20 gigs of mail from those folders, but its moved virtually nothing.

    i enabled the archive and its not doing crap.

    any ideas on what im doing wrong? its like its not processing any mail received prior to their move from internal exchange to 365 (happened about a year ago).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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