Using IMAP or POP mail with Outlook 2010 in a "blocked PST GPO" environment

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    Hello there, I’ve dug a lot on the web, and here, and can’t find this one…

    I am the administrator for our company, due to HIPAA and other compliance items (and just good practice), we have blocked the creation/modification of PST files in our domain.

    Now, our marketing department wants a new email domain (hosted externally) to be accessible in their outlook. It’s network solutions hosted, and can support both POP and IMAP protocols.

    However, it appears that both require creation of a PST file to function as expected. Trying POP, everything works GREAT except that new incoming messages are delivered to the internal “Exchange” Inbox in outlook (not the end of the world). This is confusing as the user’s normal expectation would be it to show up under “domain2” inbox.

    Trying IMAP, Outlook just locks up, period. Creates the account fine, tests the settings fine, click “Finish” and click on anything in the Outlook folder tree, and ““. Again, this appears to be trying to create a .pst file (base file appears, but of course nothing happens after that), and since it can’t, it gets stuck.

    Is there a way to make POP (or IMAP) work as desired for a 2nd email domain, to where the incoming messages show up in their respective Inbox, but are not saved locally to a .pst file? (kept on the server-side folders)?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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