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    Jay Cartay

    This is a bit strange as I haven’t encountered it before.

    One of our customers has their MX record set as Now when I ping this, it shows the IP of our mail device which is actually on the address

    How have they set this up? I have been told to ask them to change their MX records as we are moving onto new mail filtering devices, at new addresses. If they request their web host alters the MX records, will an NSLOOKUP still show the or will that be removed and replaced with the new records?

    I guess what I am getting at, is will that record be unaffected as it’s something else like an A record or a CNAME or something that’s been pointed at the IP the mail should go to if the hosting co change their MX’s? Is there something else that I need to get them to ask for?

    Sorry if that doesn’t make much sense, I’ve tried my best to explain it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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