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Using a PC as 2008R2 DC

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    A few years back, I upgraded our domain from 2k to 2003R2. I had planned to upgrade the 2003R2 DC to 2008R2 but I just realized it’s too old, it’s a Poweredge with a Pentium III circa 2002. I have a newer 2008R2 Poweredge application server with dual 6core processors and 32gb that doesn’t have much load on it and could easily double as a DC, but I want a second DC and would still like to replace the old P3 server with something that will run 2008R2 so I don’t have to run in mixed mode. Money being tight as it is, I was wondering how a decent PC would work. I have an Optiplex 960 with a 3.1G core2 duo and 8GB ram with dual gigabit ethernet. If I used it, it’s sole purpose in life would be as a DC and nothing else. I wouldn’t have raid but should be able to image the drive regularly for backup. IF this would work well, which one should have the FSMO roles ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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