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    Background: SBS 2003, small office less than 10 users. I restored the server to new hardware due to a power surge that took out many things in the building. I transferred the CALs from the old computer, but people are still randomly getting disconnected from the server, and then are unable to sync, or access network shares.

    Rebooting the server a few times has taken care of the problem for about a day, but in the morning, people just can’t stay on the server.

    During these times when people are unable to access the server from workstations, I am able to RDP into the server, and from there into their computers without any issue, and the workstations are all able to get out to the Internet, no matter what.

    Often when this happens, it takes a very long time to log into the server itself, and Event Viewer sometimes shows some Netlogon errors:

    “Dynamic registration or deletion of one or more DNS records associated with DNS domain ‘DomainDnsZones.lawoffice.local.’ failed.”

    So, what would even *cause* this problem? I’m getting tired of having to deal with this every morning.

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