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    Hi all,

    I have a minor issue. I work at a school and the students all use a collective series of domain users (grade1, grade2, grade3, etc.) We do not want the students having the ability to do much of anything (uninstall and install apps, etc.), so they’re not administrators or anything like that.

    However, I noticed something strange. The kids use a lot of online programs and they need Adobe Flash. That’s installed on all PCs. But on one, I noticed it was gone. So I reinstalled it. Then I thought, “How the Hell did it just disappear?” So I logged on as a student and attempted to uninstall Flash. It worked! I attempted to install, and it didn’t, as expected.

    Now, on all our PCs I have “domain users” as a member of the local “Power Users” group. Is that, perhaps, what’s allowing them to uninstall Flash (and possibly other apps)? These same users do need the ability to add printers from a print server, etc. That’s why I have “domain users” in there. Just to be sure they’re not blocked from doing legit things.

    Your advice… What’s my solution here? Thanks!


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