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    I have a DELL T310 server running Windows Server 2008 R2, and I am having some issues with Vista and Authentication. The server is used in a medical office for storing patient records and there are 9 client pc`s that are used for data entry.
    The server is setup with the required folders shared in a workgroup environment and there are no issues with most of the clients which is a mix of Windows XP, XP Pro, Vista and 7. Authentication has been exempted in the Windows Firewall as well as password protected sharing has been turned off.
    In the case of the two Vista computers (Vista Home Premium) when trying to launch the application that requires access to the data files on the server I receive and error that the file cannot be found. If I access Windows Explorer and click on Network then the Server it will ask me to logon with a user name and password. There is a check box to remember the log on information but even though I check this it does not remember the information and after a reboot (or log off and change user) I will have to click on the Server in Windows Explorer and manually enter the log on information again.
    If I create a new user on the Vista computers with either Admin or User rights the problem goes away of this user and the access to the Server does not require Authentication. This appears to be only in the case you are logged on with the Administrator that was created when Vista was first installed.
    Is there a fix for this problem or can I wright a script that will run when logging on to automatically enter the user name and password for the file serve?

    This is my first posting so if I messed up I am sorry.
    I will post this to both the Vista Forum and the Windows Server 2008 Forums.

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