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    Good afternoon,

    I am having some problems getting some printers installed. Here is the scenario.

    I am trying to install an HP Officejet Pro K550 colour inkjet printer by USB connection onto a Windows 2000 Pro PC. The PC is fully servicepacked and hotfixed etc.
    I can install the printer and it detects and runs OK, either as user account or as our admin account, but as soon as I reboot the PC (or log out and log back in) then the printer is not available. It is greyed out in the printers screen, and the Use Printer Offline option is ticked.

    If I remove the USB lead and replace, or remove the Use Printer Offline tick option, then the printer works fine, until the next user logs in or the PC is rebooted.

    I cannot find an option to make the printer start in online mode.
    After a search on here, I have checked the power off options for USB2 root hub, which was suggested in an earlier thread, and the settings for this are OK.

    We have tried this with two different, PC’s, printers and sets of cables, and it seems to be consistent with our build. A later version of our build appears to work OK, so there must be a setting that we cannot find.

    Does anyone have any ideas please as it is driving myself and my colleague nuts!
    Please ask if you need any more info.


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