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    • I have a problem with block USB storage device and CD Driver on a certain domain users. I want to restrict some domain users from accessing USB storage device and CD Driver but allow all another as Administrator. as, if the restricted group tries to access any PC, they can’t use USB or CD-ROM where the others can access.
    I try many ways but I field as use the GPO to change in a system file or registry but these ways block over the whole machine not over the restricted users only.

    I need to block the using of the USB and CD over all machines for all users except the administrators (Domain and Local).

    can any one help me in that issue?

    • what about the security filter on GPMC that tell me that the group that listen to the policies.
    When I try to using the security filtering to apply the Policy over the selected users and run the command rsop.msc, I didn’t find the Administrative templates.
    and when I put the Authenticated Users in the security filter it works fine but block overall.
    • I find that it is logical to block the devices over the normal user and allow it for administrators over the same machine but I can’t configure it, Can you help me
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