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    I have a customer who has a External HDD connected to a w2k server, the drive when i first seen it could not be opened it said specified location cannot be found, it is in disk management and my computer but you cannot access it.
    I changed the hdd in the caddy and it was fine ..or so i thought, the same thing happened to the new drive within a day, I then changed caddies and had a problem with that one, would not pick up happily on USB1.1.
    I have since installed a USB 2 PCI card and connected the original caddy to this and a new hard drive again, this worked for about 2 weeks (ntbackup runs to this drive), now it is stuffed again, I have the drive in disk management but not in my computer, and it is not accesable, cant format it can do anything with it, cant chkdsk it….any help would be appreciated, it says specified location cannot be found.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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