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    Hi all

    I’m in quite a pickle.

    I was migrating from SBS 2003 to Windows 2008 R2 + Exchange 2010, following Dematzer’s guide on EE.

    All was going well, til the last 2 steps.

    So the Windows 2008 DC is also a GC. I unticked the SBS2003 GC box and Exchange stopped working.

    Everything else seems to work ok still, user logons, file access etc.

    This was mid day, so i quickly reticked the SBS GC box, rebooted and everything seemed ok.

    Before I started, dcdiag on the Windows 2008 Server was all clean.

    Now everyone has gone home I tried it again with the same results. I had to again retick the SBS GC box and reboot. Except now, there continues to be errors on the 2008 server dcdiag.

    Exchange is working currently as far as I can see.

    Saints1 is the SBS, Saints-DC is the 2008.

    The 2008 Server holds all 5 FSMO roles, and the SBS is still a DC at this point.

    All Servers are on exactly the same time.

    How can I fix this and get shot of the SBS server?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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