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    We have a couple of UPS’s in our Comms room but looking to replace.

    Historically we have APC software powering down the servers and another piece of kit inline controlling the phased switch on of various pieces of hardware when power returns.

    We’re running a mixture of Physical (Windows), SAN (HP) and VM-Ware/Hyper-V so automated clean shutdown is essential.

    Virtual is the way we’re going so configuring a phased power-up would be beneficial in terms on ensuring the DC’s are switched on beforehand.

    The other dilemma is whether we look at a system that controls the comms/server sides, e.g. get the PABX/Routers/switches on before anything else so the infrastructure is live.

    Any suggestions/recommedations?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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