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    I’m needing to update my Win2003 AD role. I came into this job and the Exchnage server is on a Win2k3 domain running in Win2000 mode. Plus the Exchnage server does not have any Service Packs. I can’t install Exchnage SP unless I run the domain and forest prep.

    I need my domain to be switched from Win2000 to Win2003 mode so I can update my Exchange server plus I’m wanting to install Office messanger server but can’t with the domain in 2000 mode.

    My question is this. There are 3 domains here and 2 of them are Win200 domains and one Win2003 in Win 2000 mode.

    My Win2003 domain running in Win200 mode needs to be upgraded. but I’m worried that the other 2 domains will have a problem if I switch the Win2003 domain from Win2000 to Win 2003 mode? Will this break anythig with the other domains?

    Domains are laid out like this.


    Can I upgrade my Win2003 domain to win2003 without hurting the older domains till I can get to them next?

    Thanks in advance?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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