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    I did the same stupid thing as others: I removed the Domain on a laptop and lost access to the PC with the assigned userid. Stupider: it was my brother’s laptop for his office.

    I don’t have the Administrator password, and the other userid with full rights was lost along with the domain. I did create my own userid (easier to remember than his corporate assigned jibberish), but I didn’t assign full rights.

    My question: rather than resetting/cracking the administrator password, is there a way to upgrade my guest id to full admin rights (so I can undo some of the damage).

    The laptop is Win2000, and I have my own Win2000 and WinXP machines at home. I can remove his harddrive and direct-connect to my machine for direct edits to the files, and I can logon to the laptop via a guest id.

    Any ideas how to get admin rights so I can fix some of the damage (and leave his IT department to fix the rest).

    I tried the Logon.SCR trick, but when executing Net User command, I didn’t have the rights (access denied). I’ve also tried to add new users and restore the domain, but my guest id doesn’t have the rights.

    Any help appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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