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    Hi I have a 2003 std server with around 40 users on w10, I have built a 2016 std server with the same domain name and ip, but neither have seen each other, I only do the tests at the weekend with around 4 computers that have the same password they had on server 2003. Some users will have to have better passwords due to stricter ones needed for 2008 and up,

    Because you can’t upgrade I just started again and manual add the users and computers in the AD,

    When I log on to the new server from a computer I can see the shared folders all with correct permissions with the 4 computers, But the server can’t see the computers shared folders and each other, not that I need to but I guess something is not right here. Also in time I think they won’t be able to connect in the future unless I pull out the network cable when log on.

    On one pc that I had an upgraded password I could not log on with old or new password, so I disconnected from the old server to workgroup and reconnected to the new server but I got a new desktop, eg use Fred then became Fred.company, therefore I will put the new passwords into force well before the swap over to the old server.

    I could try to merge the 2 user profiles above in that case, which could be time consuming on 40 computers ,

    But I am hoping there is a simpler method for the rest correctly connecting,

    I have built severs from scratch but never upgraded.

    Thanks for any help and hope this is a simple fix

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