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    Hello all,

    I have an Exchange 2000 server on which I need to upgrade the harddrives. I have been Googling for related articles for quite some time now, and have found several in bits and pieces on the internet, but I am still trying to fill in gaps in the puzzle!

    This is what I have to do:
    The Exchange 2000 server has 8 drives; first 2 on a mirror (with drives C & D), remaining 6 on a RAID-5 (drive E). C has Windows 2000 SP4 and Exchange 2000 SP3 on it; D has the Exchange logs; E has the Exchange database. We decided to increase hard-drive space to support more users, so we need to replace the current 8 hdd’s (33 GB’s) with new ones (146 GB’s).

    Has anyone done something like this before?! What would be the best way of accomplising this!? Several MS articles state that “you might run into severe problems” if the new hardware is “not identical” to the old hardware! Does this mean new harddrives too? We are just increasing the size of the hard-drives; all other hardware remains exactly the same.

    Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated!


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