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    Good Afternoon everyone,
    I need to get instructions on an upgrade from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003. The scenario is as follow: The network currently has 2 domain controllers and both are running Windows 2000 Server, with Active Directory. The domain functional level is Mixed Mode at this point. They are also running Exchange Server 2000 on the main domain controller. I plan to upgrade their Exchange Server to 2003 as well. I need to perform this upgrade because I would like to use the domain rename tool in Windows Server 2003. The person who setup their network initially used a .com name for the local domain and since the domain does not belong to them, they cannot get DNS to send mails to users on that domain.

    I would like to know the proper steps to perform this upgrade, because I have zero room for error. Also, I would like for someone to let me know how Exchange 2003 will handle the domain rename. Would there be any issues?

    These are the steps I plan to take:
    1. Run adprep.exe to prepare the domain.
    2. Demote ServerB (Non-Exchange) to member server.
    3. Upgrade ServerB to Windows Server 2003.
    4. Promote ServerB to Domain Controller.
    5. Transfer FSMAO Roles and GC to ServerB.
    6. Allow for DNS and GC Replication.
    7. Upgrade Exchange Server on ServerA to Exchange 2003
    8. Demote ServerA to Member Server.
    9. Upgrade ServerA to Windows Server 2003.
    10. Promote ServerA to Member Server. (Would Exchange still work?) I am trying to have the Exchange not be a Domain Controller according to best practices.
    11. Rename Domain using Windows Server Domain rename tool.

    Please let me know if this is completely crazy, or if I am on the right track. Please point out any errors. Do not be shy as this is the first time I am doing this, and I am taking these steps based on my own logic and not on any manuals.


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