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    I have a poweredge 840 with quad core xeon 4gb ram and mirrored sata drives that we are using as our terminal-server running 2003 R2 standard.

    I started out with about 10 users we are now up to 20 leaving me a little short of the recommendation of about 256MB per user. I would like to upgrade to enterprise edition to overcome the 4GB limit. Dell has this server spec’d out as a maximum of 8Gb ram.

    I cannot find a “upgrade license” does anyone know if it exists or am I going to need a full version? Has anybody attempted this any ideas of what to expect? The server is running mirrored drives so I could break the mirror and set one a side before the upgrade.

    Depending on if it all hits the fan or not I may consider the same upgrade on our primary DB server, also running server 2003 R2 standard the biggest difference here would be the secondary array is raid 10 for the db.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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