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    Hi ive made a network drive mapping script for 4 drives which are on data2, we have now changed the script to point to data3 our new data sever.

    So ive updated the script which when i disconnected the drives first (data2) allows the new drives to appear (data3) when double clicking on the vbs file.

    So then i used a script to delete the old ones and insert the new ones which works when i click on it with no errors.

    But if i restart the xp machine it still has the old ones ie data2 so ive checked around on the xp machines and they have the old ones in i think a folder called policies.

    So my question is how do i force the xp machines to grab the new script and delete the old script it has cached (i dont know if it is cached but deffo on all xp machines). Now i wont get this bit right but there was another line i inserted in the script which i thought would do this i cant remeber the script but it start with a ‘b’ and then TRUE.

    Sorry for being a bit vague at home now!!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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