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    i’m looking for file or script that can unlock machine by pressing the ctrl alt del and put the username and password, I see a lot of people said that it’s cannot be done , i’m wondering how does the windows auto logon work when you fix it in the registry, it’s actually do the same as press the ctrl alt del and put the username and password and then press the enter to logon you automatically, so why we cannot write a script or something else that unlock locked machine all he need to do is the same as auto logon does…?

    there is a file that can do that from here http://www.softtreetech.com/24×7/archive/51.htm

    the problem is that this file cannot send password that involved with upper case password only password that have lower case, can someone look at this file and try to fix this bug, or can learn from this file how it’s done and create a file on his own with no Bugs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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