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    I have a Windows 2000 server from where I cannot telnet to port 25 or 110 (Exchange server or SMTP lets say server1) after some days. At the same time, I can telnet server1 (on port 110 / 25) from other machines. This is a database machine and runs SQL Server 2000. Other than that there are no other s/w running.

    I can reboot the machine to resolve the issue. I have done the following checks:
    1. Proc & Mem usage are acceptable.
    2. No errors or warnings logged in Event Viewer.
    3. Ran a NAV scan as well as online scan from Trend Micro and nothing was detected.

    After a reboot it works fine for some days and again the issue surfaces. I tried to find any patterns and there are none.

    Has anyone seen this? Please help!

    Thanks in advance.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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