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    Dear all,

    I have a problem here and believe that someone could help me get the issues resolved. Here is my scenario,

    – I backed up “First Storage Group” that contains ‘Mailbox Store’ and ‘Public Folder Store’.
    – The full backup and the incremental backups were successful.
    – I lost a specific mailbox. Hence I wanted to restore just that mailbox upto-date(as in the backup) and NOT ALL the mailboxes.
    – Hence, I planned to restore the ‘Mailbox Store’ to the ‘Recovery Storage Group’ along with the log files(because numerous transactions are in those log files).
    – When I restored the ‘Mailbox Store’ alone(as Public Folder Store cannot be restored to the ‘Recovery Storage Group’) along with the log files, I could see the following errors/failures.

    Problem 1: The restored database ‘Mailbox Store’ was in ‘Dirty Shutdown’ state.

    Problem 2: I am not able to replay the log files to the ‘Recovery Storage Group’ and when I manually try to do so, eseutil throws error and logs replay does not start.

    I can resolve the ‘Problem 1’ by bringing the ‘Mailbox Store’ (now present in the Recovery Storage Group) to ‘Clean Shutdwown’ state by repairing the database. But I do not know how to replay the log files to the Recovery Storage Group. Can someone please help me on this issue? Is it possible to replay the log files to a Recovery Storage Group when restoring a ‘Mailbox Store’ alone and not the Public Folder Store? I suspect that the log file replay failure is due to the Public Folder Store only, because the log files would have got the transactions of the Public Folders too. Any way to recover the data from the log files also (by replaying them to the Recovery Storage Group)?

    Exchange Version: Exchange Server 2003
    OS version : Windows Server 2003 (32-bit)

    Many thanks in advance,
    Nesan Joseph R.

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