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    Hi Guys,

    Using SBS 2003, has been working fine for some time but today I came to create a new user so that I could create a mailbox and although it let me create the user fine in Active Directory, when I came to go through the Exchange Tasks bit and chose Create a mailbox it just ignored me…
    No mailbox has been created within Exchange for this user although they do now have the exchange atrributes (i.e. the tabs for exchange in AD appear on that account). I’ve waited and waited just in case exchange was busy doing it in the background but still nothing. No email addresses from the recipient policy have been applied to that user either…I assume because of the lack of a mailbox.
    I deleted that user and tried again using a different name etc for the user account but still had the exact same problem.
    Nothing is logged in the event logs at all and I have restarted the Information Store and System Attendant services but no change…
    Tried creating the user account through the SBS wizard in Server Management but this did the same thing.
    Any suggestions as to where I can even begin to look?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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