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Unable to access with the CNAME

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    Env. Details:

    1. Windows 2003 EE with SP2
    2. AD integrated DNS
    3. Domain Name:


    If I try to access \ that works fine but there is some application which needs to access the same share with a flat name (e.g. \myshare).

    So I created a DNS alias “myshare” to point Now if i ping “myshare” it pings with the right IP address so name resolution is working fine but when I try to access the share \myshare it prompts me for user name and password. I tried to specify username in each possible format (e.g. [email protected]l, abcuser,, simple user name) but it says bad username and password. Believe me user name and password is correct and user is domain admin. It works fine if I try to access \ or with IP address.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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