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    BT scared the wits out of me by without any warning blocking me from visiting any sites and instead insisting I download some rubbish to access my BT router.

    As usual they made all sorts of silly claims of wonderful extras installed and my fibre speed would improve. Instead it was reduced from a miserable just over 14 Mbps to 12 Mbps. Trouble shooting tests on their site claims everything is OK and rebooting made no difference. Is there any chance the speed will increase in a week or so such as when fibre was first installed? I understand BT are supposed to be in the process of improving their exchanges etc.

    Otherwise since I have been using Sky TV for many years would changing fibre broadband to Sky likely to improve the speed? When I last complained to BT someone claimed they now only bother to guarantee a speed of at least 10 Mps.

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