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    Hello All,

    I am new to this forum and pretty new to the Server 2008 setup.

    I will start with an outline of what I am troubled with.

    I work at a company which has a single server, with Active Directory, DNS, DHCP etc and around 50 users. We opened a another little “office” the other side of town (5 miles) and 22 of the 50 users login over there using VPN to access our intranet and shared resources.
    When users login using VPN, it rather slow and just recently unreliable.

    Now here is where I am confused –

    We are closing down for a week (starting 5th July) and I have decided to format the server (running slow and alot of reconfig required anyway, its easier for format). Now once I have set up the Domain again I would like another server (with the same domain name preferably) at our other office so users can login alot quicker, have access to the intranet and shared resources.

    I have read something, somewhere about domain replication, but a little confused on how the setup would work.

    I would like to achive something like this –

    …..OU – Main office
    ……….OU- Accounting
    ……….OU- HR
    …..OU- 2nd office
    ……….OU- Marketing
    ……….OU- Support

    (Users & computers of each department go in the correct OU)

    and be able to replicate this to the other server at the smaller office. So say a user forgets their password, I can navigate to their OU and reset it. Now if they are at the smaller office (And i am based at the larger office) the password reset still takes place if that makes sense.

    Many Thanks for any help in advance.

    Daimian P Williams

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