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    I have a customer with a 2003 ad forest, with a single domain. Due to business requirements they are splitting their user base into two parts. This split cannot be accomodated at an ou level so a decision has been made to create a child domain, and migrate the relevant users into the new child. At the main physical site there will be a mixture of users from the parent and child domains.

    My question is around having two domains on the same physical site. I was wondering about best practice to achieve this. Is it acceptable to have the parent dc and child dc in the same site using the same subnet within sites and services, or is it better to create a new site and subnet in sites and services and then create a new vlan for it?

    If I create new sites/subnets and vlan it becomes a pain because of having to make sure that the correct client machines are in plugged into the correct vlan.

    If I don’t create new site/subnet and just have a child dc and parent dc in the same site will that cause me authentication issues? I could set up dhcp on just one DC with all the correct dns entries etc for both domains, and presumably the clients will authenticate agains the correct dc due to their domain membership?

    Has anyone implemented/designed anything similar and could give me any pointers?

    thanks in advance

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