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    I notice that when I ping any machine, the TTL changes, so, if I ping to TTL is 51, if I ping to another machine, it is 48, then 128 …

    I am not a network expert, does anybody know why this happens?. Maybe it is too basic a question.

    I found this:

    “…Every IP packet that gets sent out has a TTL field which is set to a relatively high number (in the case of ping a TTL of 255). As the packet traverses the network, the TTL field gets decreased by one by each router it goes through; when the TTL drops to 0, the packet is discarded by the router. The IP spec says that the TTL should be set to 60 (though it’s 255 for ping packets). The main purpose of this is so that a packet doesn’t live forever on the network…”

    But, who sets it?.

    Thanks on advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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