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    I have a client that is needs 1 TS at 1 location and 2 PC’s at different remote locations accessing it – they also need SQL running on the TS server too. I have some questions…

    1- does the TS need to be a domain controller OR can it be a workgroup?
    2- does the TS need to have a outside static IP address from the ISP?
    3- the remote PC’s will be XP Pro/Home PC’s – what client do they use to access the IP?
    4- do I just have to forward 3389 on the DSL routers to the IP of the TS Server?
    5- if there’s onle 2 PC’s accessing the TS server – do I need to purchase TS licenses?
    6- from what I understand – I can’t use SBS2003?

    THANKS in advance!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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