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    I have a 2000 server that is my TS server, I am getting a problem where 10 Remote clients are getting disconnected all the time (they are at the same remote site), once this happens they can connect back in immediatly, (which means the net is not dropping out at either end).
    I have specified on the RDP connector not to have any time out settings at all and for this to overide all other settings,this was done in teh TS config, but it still happens.
    Last night I did some testing, I loged into this server vian the standard RDP, then connected VNC then logged into another server at the same site and RDP’d into it internally.

    It Disconnected on me atleast 5 times in a 2 hour period BUT VNC did not disconnect nor did the internal RDP from the other server.

    I do have a VPN between the sites, I have not checked but I have been told 2 users use this vpn to RDP over to the server and they have dop outs to, but i cant confirm that.

    Can anyone help me out hgere and what is a method of fault finding this, cheers all.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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