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    I was wondering if somebody could provide help (not links) on how to configure iPhone iOS 4.1 to work with my exchange server 2003.

    So far I have a domain when you goto this you are presented
    with the OWA logon page which uses SSL (certificate not verified)

    On system manager for exchange i have been on mobile services and enabled activesync and OMA.

    I can access OWA on safari by going to that URL, but when I try to configure the mail app to work it doesnt want to have any of it!

    I input the data after a short wait it asks for the server, i put that URL and have tried the URL that the link above redirects to, one stage it said cannot verify certificate authority or somethink I clicked continue anyways, it then proceeded to the annoying message I get everytime ‘ Unable to verify account information’

    Any clues? really bugging me that I can’t get my mail to work on my iPhone and i’m out of options =/


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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