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    I have an issue with installing Win XP Pro SP 3 and Win Serv 2003 in VPC.

    I have two legitimate .iso files and when I go to “CD->Capture ISO Image->Reset” to begin installation, nothing happens, I just get the blinking white underscore, and yes, I tried pressing enter or other keys to see if it would start, but it just sits there.

    I created a .vhd for each one and increased the memory for both to 512MB.

    I even tried mounting the .iso on a disc and tried using my physical drive, still will not work. The .iso images were downloaded off of my school’s server, so I know they can not be corrupted, but in the mean time I will re-download the files (which will take some time…)

    Am I missing something here? The directing from others websites were pretty straight forward, and I don’t consider myself a novice user, but not advanced as well. Any help and quick replies would be greatly appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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