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    I have a triple boot system on a 1 TB Drive, Windows XP Pro, Windows 7 ENT, & Windows 8.1 Pro with MC (this is my gaming rig) due to failing USB ports I had to replace the MB (Due to a lack of availbleility I had to with another brand that supported my processor and ram ) The System uses the WIN8 Boot loader (quite well in the pass) and I really don’t care about the Windows XP though I did change the Disk driver to generic prior to shutting it down. windows 8 booted with no issues and proceeded to install the Motherboard drivers, Windows 7 however does a cycle reboot F* gives me launch repair or normal boot, I’ve fix single boot systems all the time but getting this one is perplexing and I would really like to fix it as it has (older) games registered I can’t reinstall


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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