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    i am migrating member servers ( both NT and win2000 ) from nt to ad 2003. I am using with ADMT v2. I have one problem. My first scenerio is that i can only perform security translation when i log on to DC, which DOES not hold pdc emulator with the AD domain admin account, and everything works fine. I migrated the server, then run security translation wizard with add option and finally with the remove option.

    But in scond scenerio ; when i log on to DC ,which holds PDC emulator role, with the source domainadministrator account, it doesnt translate security on migrated servers. it doesnt give any error message but when i checked the ACL on the migrated member server, i can not see second entry that should be there since i have chosen add option in the security translation wizard, which i am having in first scenerio

    Basically , what i have is just opposite to what should be. ( as for admt V3, everything is as it shoud be )

    what is the thing i am not seeing. this doent make sense



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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