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    I have a projcet and I ned you experience;

    I have two cluster Exchange server with storage ( to mailbox ).. They are back-end.

    One server is front-end at DMZ.

    I have 600 user with 1 GB mailbox limit. My users sends 40 mail and receives 20 mail in a day.

    1.For edge role How must be my machine’s physical properities?
    CPU:? RAM:?
    2.I am confused about mailbox role? Have I need this role when I have storage?
    3.For cluster machines;
    CPU:? RAM:?

    I search microsoft web site and I find some properities for server machines like;

    But I think some times tech net is different than real life,when you talking about exchage :roll:

    Any body can tell him experience,setup problems ?


    Best Regards.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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