Transferring FSMO Roles

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    I am in the process or will be in the process of transferring all of the FSMO roles from a Windows 2000 server to a newer Windows 2003 server. I have a handle, or at least I beleive I do, on how to transfer the roles. My question though is regrading the Schema Master role. In my research, I saw a case where someone had mentioned that you must decomission the old DC after moving/transferring that role to the new server; is this correct?? If I transferred over all these roles to the Windows 2003 server would I need to decomission the older 2000 server; can they coexist after the transfer?? This will be the first Windows 2003 server in our domain; the rest of the DCs are 2000 servers. We are also running Exchange 2000.

    Also I have a second question. This new 2003 server will replace a 2000 server running DHCP. When migrating over DHCP to this new 2003 server do I have to make sure it is a member server or does it matter?? I’ve heard/read that it is easier to migrate the DHCP database to a server that is a member server because of the local admin rights that you need. Has anyone migrated DHCP from one 2000 server to a 2003 server while both are DCs???

    This is a single domain environment as well.

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