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    Just a quick background, I don’t have any certifications and I haven’t really studied too much to take any exams. I have watched a few 70-680 Videos as well as 70-410.

    I’m really looking for some recommended training videos/routes that I should follow to broaden my IT Knowledge. I would be very thankful if anybody could assist.

    I would say that I am at a very low level of IT knowledge with basic networking, basic everything really. I’m still undecided on what sort of Path I want to take in IT which hasn’t helped but I’m ready to knuckle down and learn and expand my knowledge. I see people on the forums posting in-depth technical knowledge and I hope to reach that sort of level.

    I was thinking about studying a few different routes such as doing CCNA/CCNP/MS2012/etc. Then focusing on studying for the exams.

    Any help is appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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