tracerpt.exe consumes ~7GB RAM

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    Every so often our SBS 2008 server (2×4 cores, 8GB RAM) grinds to a halt. I managed to start Process Explorer while it was running slowly and found that the trouble was caused by a process called tracerpt.exe which was consuming almost 6.5GB of RAM (working set; private bytes is over 7GB) thus swapping the server to death. Process Explorer tells me that its command line is “C:Windowssystem32tracerpt.exe” *.etl *.blg -report “report.xml” -y -df “C:PerfLogsAdminSystem Performance\20110415-0384RPTA7AF.tmp” and that it was invoked by C:Windowssystem32rundll32.exe C:Windowssystem32pla.dll,PlaHost “System Performance” “$(Arg0)” which itself was launched by taskeng.exe as the “MicrosoftCertificateServicesClientSystemTask” task.

    Anyone know what this task is doing, why it’s doing it, or why it’s consuming so much memory?

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