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    I think this question best fits in the AD forum, but really touches on a few others.

    I have a current 2003 AD with 2 DCs.

    I have a new server running Hyper-V.

    I want to upgrade my AD to be 2008 to take advantage of some of the more advanced features of 2008 directory services.

    I am thinking about creating 2 new server 2008 DCs on my HyperV server, running DC Promo on my 2003 servers. Then creating 2 2008 DCs on physical hardware and removing the VMs. Sound good?

    Also, if I can simply create one physical 2008 AD server, can I keep the 2003 AD servers and still gain the more advanced features? – I wouldnt think that it would be possible since after doing the forest prep my DCs will still say they are running in 2003 status.

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